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Sometime in 2015, a VRChat user known as Owle Bubbles started hosting virtual reality comedy improv nights with the use of his Vive headset.

Since then, these spontaneous events became a regular thing and are now referred to as “Steam SHowcase.”

What is Vrchat and how does it work?

Vrchat is a free third-party social VR app for gamers.

It enables users to join a virtual chat room and talk with other people from around the world while being represented as an avatar in a 3D environment.

You can create a custom avatar, buy or sell items, play games, watch 3D videos, and much more.

In the future, Owle Bubbles plans to make money from Vrchat by offering new features such as a store where users can spend real money on virtual items.

Virtual Reality is slowly becoming one of the most popular computing platforms and with Facebook’s Oculus Rift and the Sony Playstation VR, many people are testing the waters of Virtual Reality.

Avatars in Vrchat can recreate an aspect of your physical self only to make it look even better using a wide selection of customization options available at your disposal.

What are some examples?

  • Hair styles
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Props
  • Shoes

You can use the search function to find other avatars that are similar to yours, or you can even go up to strangers and ask them for their avatar codes. Once you’ve obtained it, click on their name then choose “Copy UID.” You can paste it into your profile’s field by clicking CTRL + V.

With over 40 million unique monthly users, you can find anyone and anything in this social VR world.

What you can do in Vrchat

  • Explore the world

With so many open rooms to choose from, you can go around discovering all kinds of different 3D environments. Vrchat has everything, including anime themes and horror themes.

The game room allows you to play games like Rock Paper Scissors or Hide and Seek with other users.

There are even user-made games you can download.

  • Enter pixel art rooms

You can spend hours creating custom pixel art in this world, or just simply admire the creations of others.

  • Browse the internet

With the browser feature, you are able to access websites without having to take off your headset, but it’s rather difficult since you have to type without seeing your keyboard or the text on the screen.

  • Watch 3D Videos

You can search for popular animated youtube videos and watch them in Virtual Reality with other users. Popular examples are clips from “Pewdiepie” and “Smosh”.

how to find vrchat avatar/profile code

To get an avatar’s UID on Vrchat, click on their name and choose “Copy UID”. You can paste it into your profile’s field by clicking CTRL + V.

Vrchat is available on Steam and HTC Vive .

You can also use Oculus to access the app with a $15 dollar fee for the Oculus touch controllers.

IOS and Android users can also download Vrchat using BlueStacks, which turns your PC into an Android device so you can download the app to it.

The future of social media and VR

With the rise of social media, many people believe that humanity is becoming more and more isolated from each other.

Empathetic feelings will eventually cease to exist and we’ll be left with nothing but our own interests and careers in mind.

However, virtual reality might be able to change this mentality.

VR technology allows us to escape into a world where we can be who we want to be.

It allows us to create new relationships and start over with a clean slate.

According to Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, author of “Experience on Demand,” VR has the potential to bring people together in physical spaces by convincing our brains that you are really there.

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